Friday, April 13, 2012

Back yard!!!

So the 'guys' cut back all the grass in the shape of the patio we wanted....
Built the forms and filled in with gravel.....Smothed out the top coat of gravel and sprayed to 'wet' down

The work begins....

This is what the front now looks like! The 'guys' had this done in one day!
I was very impressed. It was very strange to come home and have no sidewalk to walk up.

Now on to the back yard patio!!!!


As the title says there has been a slight detour with the master bath renovation.... Go figure.
The hubby got a free hot tub two weekends ago and we had really no place to put it. Back yard 'renovations' are not on the 2012 list. We were going to look at doing it spring of 2013. Well with the free hot tub we had to figure something now. Bring on the quotes for a concrete patio.....

Who would have thought pricing could be so different. We did our do diligence and got two quotes, wholly difference in price!
Let me paint you a picture....See the crack circled in red...well that our front side walk sliding/breaking away from the front step. I am pretty sure the previous owners TRIED to patch it but it never worked.

So the hubby and I decided to add the repairing of this to the over all project of getting a patio poured in the back yard. Bring on the quotes..... The first company quoted us almost $6000 to do the whole project. The second company quoted us $4500 we were both shocked!! Huge difference, now if it had been something minor like a couple hundred not a big deal. But a $1500 price difference was just to big a difference. So we called up as many people would could think that had done ANY kind of concrete work and asked their opinion. We had the cheaper of the two come out and explain exactly what he was going to do.

In the end we went with the cheaper of the two.